Risk Of Addiction In Online Gambling

Risk Of Addiction In Online Gambling

are easy and convenient to access and play. They even have mock games to understand the gameplay before playing it. All it takes to play with is devices like PC, tablets, laptops or smartphones connected with high-speed internet for seamless play.

People often get addicted to gambling. It was revealed by research that playing game based on chance releases ten times more dopamine that is released when we do activities we love. But it has also been found that online gambling is more addictive than its land-based counterpart.

When pandemic shut everything, gamblers found their refuge in online gambling rooms. The market for these is growing exponentially and has generated billions of dollars in revenue till now. People who get lonely ad depressed are especially attracted to these games. All the marketing and advertising online gambling websites appear ubiquitous. The risk related to the game is never divulged in these advertisements.

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A casino doesn’t encourage people to make gambling their addiction. Some people find it hard to save themselves from the clutches of dopamine release. It is considered more deadly and addictive than actual drug addiction.

Online websites offer players welcome bonuses and loyalty rewards.  It is seen that gamblers who become addicted fall in the range of 25 to 34 years as per the Gambling Commission of the United Kingdom. The American Psychiatric Association has made a DSM-5 diagnostic criterion and has found that a gambler develops a mental disorder when: –

  • Their gambling habit has become persistent and it starts affecting their lives leading to clinal distress and depression.
  • They develop a tendency to play more than usual and cannot stop themselves betting money even if they are losing.
  • They become stressed out and irritable when someone tries to stop them.
  • They find it hard to quit their habit.
  • Their gambling habit is triggered when they become emotionally vulnerable.
  • They start to lie about their gambling habit.
  • Their gambling habit starts interfering in their normal lives to the extent that they lose their job, relationships, education, and future.
  • They accumulate large amounts of debts due to their gambling habit and lose all their savings.

Online casinos

Any person playing online or in a land-based establishment can reflect these behaviours. They are equally vulnerable to develop problems. Their neurons are the brain starts to rewire and gets used to high levels of dopamine releases. These people do not find any excitement in activities other than gambling. They spend more time gambling and become a victim of pathological gambling.

Problematic gambling can be treated and casinos also have become aware of the prevailing crisis song gamblers. The law also puts an obligation on casino owners to follow the rules of responsible gaming. Casinos offer anti-gambling therapies to people as a part of their ethical commitments.

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